Resources: Allergies and Asthma

Allergy/Asthma Information Association:
118-295 The West Mall
Toronto, ON M9C 4Z4
T: 416-621-4591, 1-800-611-7011
F: 416-621-5034

Telephone support; information; posters and referrals.  Newsletters are available with a yearly membership.

Asthma Society of Canada:
401-124 Merton St.
Toronto, ON M4S 2Z2
T: 416-787-4050, 1-866-787-4050
F: 416-787-5807

Information available by telephone or email; printed materials on topics such as exercise and asthma, avoiding triggers of asthma and pregnancy and asthma; monthly e-newsletter.  Websites for children, caregivers, adults and asthma educators.